St Andrews

Róis Clark  |  May 18, 2019

St Andrews

The last day of my little brother’s exams meant a spontaneous trip to St Andrews to see him and the promised brighter skies it offered away from a rainy Glasgow. I love a trip to St Andrews, not only because it means quality family time, but because of the feeling like you’ve leapt back in time…or at least to a place quite unlike anywhere I know in Scotland (minus Old Town Edinburgh). Memories of cobbled streets not much changed in hundreds of years, grand archways, and students who look like they’re a least part royal are what come to mind. 

Of course, the sea air and the long stretches of beach outweigh all the other attractions for me – except maybe my brother. The beaches are beautifully sandy but it means you need to put in some extra effort to find that sea glass! The work paid off though as the glass we have found is incredible. Not a piece we found needed thrown back in the waves. Each piece is like a small glass pebble – perfect for matching earrings! 

I have a great assortment of sea glass from St Andrews so almost all of my jewellery designs can be made with glass from here. 

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