Likha Jewellery Project

Made by women in the Philippines who are living lives free from exploitation


(tagalog) – a unique creation, made with purpose and skill.

Since 2017, I (Rois) have been working alongside a wonderful charity in the Philippines called Samaritana Transformation Ministries which supports women who are vulnerable to sexual exploitation.

Together we have come up with The Likha Jewellery Project which provides the women with a platform to create and sell sea glass jewellery. The aim is to offer them an alternative income away from the bars of Manila where they are vulnerable to being exploited.

The women see the sea glass as a prophetic symbol of hope for their lives and our lives too – that treasure can be made even from the most broken of places.

Each piece of jewellery has been lovingly made with the name of the maker on the back. All proceeds go towards supporting the women of Samaritana.

For the last 27 years, Samaritana has been supporting women caught in prostitution on the streets of Manila. Through their programme of intervention and aftercare they have created a beautiful community for the women to come and heal, learn, and earn a stable income.

Sought out, not forsaken

“You see the scars. I see light shining through the cracks.
You feel discarded. I know the one who has been long searched for.
You search for value. I will treasure you above the pearls.”


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