Róis Clark  |  September 18, 2020

IONA  Ì Chaluim Chille

Mull was a fantastic stage for summer’s last spectacle. Turquoise waters, sparkling swimming spots, and views of distant Rum and Jura all made up for the absence of sea glass (and ever present sheep poo)! So what was was left for Iona to offer? It turns out A LOT!!

Off the ferry we trudged up the slope towards our accommodation at Iona Pods, balancing the weight of the food and wine on the handle bars of my bike. After settling in we were welcomed by the beating of the promised 50mph winds that threatened to keep us stranded in paradise. Boy, were we thankful that by chance we had decided on only camping on the 2 nights before! I went for a nap as my hardy camping companion, Terri, unthreatened by the wind wondered shore bound to watch the deep red sunset on the north shore. She emerged back to the pod with the shining face of someone who had experienced something too beautiful to ruin with words. My nap didn’t feel as worth after that.

Jackets zipped up to our noses, we set off the next morning against the wind to scour the north shore for sea glass that Terri had glimpsed during her heavenly episode the night before. Waves crashed against the rocks and the sand rushed along the ground in a speedy dance, stinging our exposed ankles as it passed. As the wind settled and the sun came out peeling our layers off, we started to spot it. Sea glass everywhere! It was hiding there amongst the huge rocks. Perfect, small and smooth. Too much to have just been broken on Iona. Where did it come from? A sunken ship? A trail all the way from Canada? It chose its rest on a particularly idyllic shore anyway. We spent hours gathering these gems. Our concentrated silence interrupted only with the excited yelps from finding a blue.

Sunbathing, slow walks, and visits to the local craft shops followed to give our backs and thighs an afternoon off after their hard work.

That evening we had a lot to clink our glasses to! Red wine, sea glass sorting, and a game of SushiGo made for a cosy evening hunkered down in our lovely wooden pod.

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