The Isle of Arran

Róis Clark  |  September 20, 2019

The Isle of Arran

What a day to escape the city! On this warm September day it took only 2 hours to exchange the busyness of the city for the blissful beaches of Arran.

It was my first time experiencing the freedom of taking only my bike and my bag of rations for this sea glass hunt. I parked my bike amongst the cars and head up on to the ferry deck where the view showing the long silhouette of Arran welcomed me. As the boat moved closer to the island the sea presented a trail of sparkles leading all the way to the Holy Isle. The warmth could be seen in those glimmers as well as felt on our faces.

I unloaded my bike and took the one road heading north. I had a set route in mind but things never go to plan when you are open to being interrupted. Promising pebble shores along the route caught my eye and my bike was laid down to sunbathe while I got to work. Scrambling through rocks and sand I found my treasure! This was not the location I was looking for but this unknown shore revealed abundantly more than I had anticipated. It may be the well known attractions that draw me out but it is more often the unmapped corners and crooks that offer the most promise.

This shore in Arran had me searching for hours uninterrupted, and I barely had to move 10 feet before filling my sandwich bag (the perfect sea glass container). Whites, pastel greens, blues, and even 2 pinks! All the size of a 5 pence piece – the perfect size for small pendants.

I cycled back along to Brodick with a big smile and a heavy bag. It was nearly time to catch the ferry home but not before enjoying a well deserved fish supper while soaking in the last of the day’s (and summer’s) rays.

As we sailed away we received a stunning farewell – a glowing Arran highlighted by the setting sun.

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