The Vision

“For what is waste, a sage has said,
but atoms temporarily out of place?”

(Taken from a poem by Adrian Clark – my dad) <3


A story of new beginnings

Sea Glass hunter // Jewellery maker // Broken piece

In 2014 I began my journey with the sea glass vision. I was searching out Scottish beaches to see if I really could source my own treasures from the sea, and was pleased to find many pieces from different locations – sea glass, sea pottery, and pocketing the occasional peculiar stone.

One day as I was creating jewellery a phrase popped into my head- “You’re doing what I do”. A bit confused, I asked God, “What is that?…”

“Making treasure out of the broken pieces”, He said.

Can this be right? Sure, this is beautiful, but how backwards! The perfect one doesn’t desire perfection but delights in restoring the broken. The ones who have been beaten through too many rough seas to compete in their own standards of how they ‘should’ be. They can pretend all they like to appear unscathed, but need more than anything an unconditional embrace in their most honest state. A hand that reaches for them while they are still holding their breath in deep waters and draws them out, gently warming their scars as light begins to shine through.

Since then searching Scottish shores for the broken pieces has meant much more than making pretty pieces of jewellery. It is my hope for all of us; one that calls us out of pretending into this honest place. Treasured in our own tumultuous journey. Different scars. Different stories. Loved all the same.

I have collected sea glass from over 60 different beaches across Scotland – from Orkney all the way down to Kintyre. My job of searching for sea glass and taking the pieces back to my Glasgow studio is a labour of great love.

Thank you for following the journey

Much love, Róis x

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